At Towngate Primary Academy, we are proud of our culture and work hard to instil the same pride and care into all pupils within the academy.

Our children are expected to behave positively and appropriately to contribute to the culture in place at Towngate Primary Academy: they are clear on The Towngate Pathway and follow the four principles in everything they do. It is our belief that both staff and pupils have the right to work in an environment that is safe, calm, peaceful and fair. It is the role of school leaders, teachers, support staff, non-teaching staff and pupils to work together to achieve this goal through a consistent and transparent culture.

We set high expectations for behaviour which allows our children to understand how we behave and conduct ourselves in our school. Our expectations are reinforced positively and calmly, allowing our children to really understand how positive behaviour impacts friendships, relationships, success and enjoyment for school. Our children are equipped to fully understand the expectations set for behaviour by following our Towngate Pathway, which focuses on the following four elements:

excellent walking

excellent sitting

excellent attention

excellent manners

This sets out clear standards that we follow in school, ensuring excellence is fostered in everyday.

Our children meet the expectations set out in our core values by demonstrating they are ready, respectful and safe.

Children are ready to take responsibility for their learning and their actions;
They are respectful through demonstrating gratitude and empathy towards others;
Our children are safe and know to take accountability for their own safety.

Celebrating Success

It is our expectation that in order to set high standards of behaviour, all staff and pupils must live and breathe our core values. By all stakeholders within the academy modelling our values at all times, we ensure that we are setting strong examples and expectations to our pupils.

By fostering our restorative approach to managing behaviour, we promote positive attitudes to learning, respectful relationships and support our young people to become good citizens who are equipped to make a positive contribution to society.

Classroom Level Rewards
  • Star of the day
  • Verbal praise
  • Class Dojos, leading to a weekly class prize
  • Work being displayed on classroom recognition walls
  • Work being displayed within the wider school
  • Star of the week certificates, celebrated in Friday assembly
  • Comments shared with parents/carers
Recreational Rewards
  • Dojos
  • Sportsmanship awards
  • Opportunities to be recognised by all staff for displaying our ‘core four’ values through badges
  • Opportunities to take responsibility for roles outdoors
  • Positive comments passed to the class teacher
Wider School Rewards
  • Verbal praise from staff in school – including leaders, other teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Opportunities to be recognised by all staff for displaying our ‘core four’ values through badges
  • Termly awards including trophies and Headteacher commendations
  • Postcards home
  • Opportunities to be celebrated in weekly Celebration Assembly

Bullying Prevention

At Towngate, it is imperative to all staff and those within our academy community that all pupils feel welcome, valued and respected by all within our academy. We work hard throughout the academic year to ensure that we share this message and support our pupils in making the right choices and develop consideration and compassion for others.

Bullying is not tolerated at Towngate Primary Academy and it is imperative that all those within our Towngate community are made to feel valued, welcome and respected by all. Through our inclusive approach, we have embedded a curriculum which celebrates diversity and difference and teaches children how to conduct themselves to establish respectful friendships with their peers. All staff follow our Tackling Bullying policy which outlines the measures taken to address any allegation or suspicion of bullying.

We implement the teaching of our core values within our values based curriculum and leaders have crafted the curriculum to promote equality and unity. We use lesson time, in addition to recreational and assembly time, to explore protected characteristics, teach children what positive relationships look like and equip children with the tools to be able to communicate effectively and, most importantly, kindly.

Specialist Advice and Support