Educational Visits

At Towngate Primary Academy, we are passionate about providing all of our pupils with a well-rounded and exciting curriculum which is built upon first-hand experiences. We firmly believe that offering a variety of first-hand experiences can supplement and enhance our curriculum to provide purpose and, most importantly, create memories.

Memorable Activities Lead to Memorable Learning

We believe that learning should be exciting, purposeful and memorable; it is a passion and belief of all staff here at Towngate Primary Academy that learning should be enhanced and taken outside of the classroom in order to have the maximum impact on our pupils.

Educational visits also provide the opportunity for pupils from the academy to demonstrate their core values as modelled and taught through our Values Based Education approach in the wider community beyond our own school gates. During our visits, we promote our pupils to ask questions, to develop their own curiosity, to apply their learning in varied contexts, to try new things and to have a go at something new; we endeavour to instil a sense of risk-taking, of collaboration and team-working and to build resilience when tasked with something unfamiliar.

As part of our curriculum offer here at Towngate, we ensure educational visits are carefully planned and selected to enhance the opportunities provided to the children in their teaching and learning. In addition, we offer residential visits for pupils in Key Stage Two:

Learning away has shown that residential learning experience provides opportunities and benefits/impacts that cannot be achieved in any other educational context or setting.

Learning Away

Here are just some of the exciting educational visits on offer here at Towngate:

  • Residential visits to Kingswood, Dearne Valley
  • Residential visits to Kingswood, Peak Venture
  • A night in the museum: Eureka
  • Magna
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park
  • Yorkshire Water
  • Thwaite Mills
  • Murton Park
  • Cannon Hall Farm
  • Thackray Medical Museum
  • National Coal Mining Museum