Pupil Voice

At Towngate Primary Academy, the children in our school are the most important people! As such, they have lots of opportunities to share their thoughts on school issues – both formally and informally!

It is our primary goal to ensure all pupils are happy and enjoy everyday spent here at Towngate Primary Academy. 

There are many opportunities in school for children to share their opinions and voice their feelings; all staff in school are aware of the importance of listening to our pupils in order to shape our school to meet the needs of our children.

We are acutely aware of the way in which we collect pupil voice from our children and have identified ways in which to upskill our pupil leadership team to collect views from their peers.

Towngate pupils

Here are some ways in which we collect the views of our children:

  • Pupil Conferencing with the local community
  • British Values Ambassadors
  • School Council
  • Subject Leader Questionnaires
  • Debate Team
  • Anti-Bullying Week
  • School Council Surgery
  • Whole School Assemblies
  • Planned regular pupil voice
  • Suggestion boxes
Pupils' Views: Core Curriculum

“I really enjoy coming to school because my teachers are fun.” – Year 1 pupil.

“When mummy comes in to read with me, it makes me smile.” Reception pupil.

“I like coming to school everyday because I always learn something new.” – Year 3 pupil.

“My teachers have helped me to improve my reading. I enjoy reading now and I love spending time in my reading corner.” – Year 5 pupil.

“Understanding the definition of the British Values helps me to understand how I show my values everyday.” – Year 6 pupil.

” We are curious in all our lessons because we always want to find out more.” Year 2 pupil.

‘ I love learning different methods and choosing one which suits me’  – Year 6 pupil.

‘ If I am struggling there is always a friend or an adult to help me and I’ll remember it for next time’ – Year 5 pupil.

‘I love to challenge myself and see when I have improved’ – Year 4 pupil. 

‘I love doing Timestable Rockstars at home and in school’ – Year 3 pupil.

‘ I love it when teachers teach us songs to help remember our timestables’ – Year 2 pupil. 

‘When I get older I will always know how much money I have and work out how much things cost’ – Year 1 pupil. 

Pupils' Views: Wider Curriculum

“I enjoy learning French in my class because it helps us with respect and unity because we will be able to understand and communicate with people who are French. We might go on holiday and it would be nice if we tried to speak to them in their language.” – Year 4 pupil.

” History helps us to discover why the world is like it is today from past events.” Year 4 pupil.

” In Geography, we ask and answer questions to learn new things about the world.” Year 1 pupil.

” In Geography, we get to explore maps and find out more about the world we live in.” Year 6 pupil.

“I love Science because you find out interesting, new things and get to do exciting experiments!” Year 2 pupil.

“Science is important because it lets us be curious and investigate new things and find out why things happen.” Year 3 pupil.

“In PE, we get to learn new games and new ways to be healthy and look after ourselves.” Year 1 pupil.

“We get the opportunity to demonstrate lots of values in PE. We get to use cooperation, determination and resilience. It’s important to trust your team mates and never give up.” Year 5 pupil.

Pupils' Views: Behaviour and Safety

Two key questions were posed to children:

1. What is working well during playtime and lunchtime?

2. What is your perception of our school?

“School is fun because we get to do great things such as PE, Art and creative writing. Most of the time behaviour is very good in the classroom and on the playground. If behaviour isn’t good then there are fair consequences for that behaviour.”Year 3/4 pupil.

“Our school is a very safe place. The displays show off our hard work and make our school colourful. Behaviour is dealt with in a good way and I think behaviour has got better. The sports coaches play lots of games at lunchtime and the Year 6 roles and responsibilities make the school feel friendly – we try to help eachother.” Year 6 pupil.

“At playtime I play with skipping ropes and play hop scotch. I like to play make believe games and sometimes the buddies and teachers help. My school is a nice place to be because it is nice and bright. Our school has good behaviour because everyone knows the rules.” Year 1 pupil.

“School is a very safe place to be because I have all of my teachers and friends around me. Equipment is well looked after in our school.” Year 6 pupil.

“I like to play sports to learn new skills. Also, I play on the tyres and trim trail with my friends. I like how there are loads of different sports at playtime every day. I like school because I love learning. Also, I feel safe in our school because you have people to talk to and caring teachers help you. I think the behaviour at school is great – but if someone doesn’t behave there are consequences and the teachers sort it out.” Year 4 pupil.

“I like our school – it’s really good and is very safe. Buddies are a really good idea and there are lots of caring teachers in our school. The behaviour in our school is getting better and better!” Year 6 pupil.

“At lunchtime I like to play football with my friends and with the coach Jordon when he plays rugby with us. I feel very safe in school because I have so many people surrounding me. Behaviour is good most of the time.” Year 4 pupil.