Relationships and Sex Education

Our Relationships and Sex Education Leader is Miss L Eke.

RSE is learning accurate and age-appropriate skills, attitudes and knowledge about the body, reproduction, sex and sexual health. RSE also gives children and young people essential skills for building positive, enjoyable, respectful and non-exploitative relationships and staying safe both on and offline. Some aspects are taught in science, and others are taught as part of personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE).

Aims of the RSE curriculum at Towngate Primary Academy

  • To foster a positive notion of lifelong learning about physical, moral and emotional development, including how to look after physical and mental health.
  • To support the development of self-respect and empathy for others.
  • To promote the development of skills and understanding in managing conflict.
  • To learn how to keep our own bodies safe and to avoid any form of exploitation.


At Towngate Primary Academy, we deliver the RSE (relationships and sex education) curriculum by ensuring that our pupils’ needs and community is reflected in the curriculum we teach. We believe that the purpose of RSE education is to build, where appropriate, on the statutory content already outlined in the National Curriculum, our comprehensive PSHE curriculum and with the considerations of our parental community firmly in mind. Our Relationships and Sex Education curriculum is derived to build upon pupils’ prior knowledge and readiness for new knowledge, set at an age-appropriate level. Teachers plan and deliver the content of the RSE curriculum following the subject progression grid, paying particular attention to the progression in vocabulary pupils are taught to use. Each phase builds progressively to ensure pupils receive a well-rounded curriculum, ensuring pupils’ learning is pertinent and retained.


The RSE curriculum is woven into other subject areas in order to ensure the curriculum complements other subject matters including science, Values Based Learning and PSHE.  The curriculum progresses through a series of units which we believe provide pupils’ with the essential knowledge and skills in order to make well informed decisions at every stage of their journey growing up. Class teachers expose pupils to the vocabulary to be taught in regular reviews to ensure this becomes retained and effectively applied in discussion. During lesson times, children partake in partner / collaborative learning where children learn to talk and discuss their ideas. Children are encouraged to ask questions to lead their own learning follow an enquiry based approach. When delivering the Sex Education aspect of the curriculum, children are reminded of the safe space we are working in and can ask questions in anonymity to ensure all pupils can learn in a safe and positive environment. The curriculum is further enhanced by conducting regular assemblies which follow key themes throughout the academic year, visits into school by professionals including School Nursing, the Police Force to talk about keeping safe online, drugs and alcohol awareness, and charity workers/volunteers.


We measure the impact of our RSE curriculum through conducting pupil voice. This is collected at a range of ages, often by our RSE leader or pastoral staff in school. We hold consultation with parents and teachers to ensure that our curriculum is purposeful and a good fit for our children and the community in which we serve.

Policy Development and Consultation

In order to implement the Relationships and Sex Education curriculum in the academy, a consulatation process has been started involving volunteers from our parental community; these individuals are working alongside the RSE Leader in school to review documentation – including curriculum coverage and policy – for implementation.

Please see below the RSE subject policy and progression grid which details the coverage of the Relationships and Sex Education curriculum here at Towngate Primary Academy.

Parental Rights to Withdraw

Parents have do not have the right to withdraw their children from the ‘relationships’ education curriculum, however parents do have the right to withdraw their children from sex education, with the exception of any statutory science curriculum content. Those parents/carers wishing to exercise the right to withdraw their child from part or all of the sex education aspect of the curriculum are invited in to see the teacher and/or RSE Co-ordinator who will explore any concerns and discuss any impact that withdrawal may have on the child. Once a child has been withdrawn they cannot take part in the sex education aspect of the programme until the request for withdrawal has been removed. It is then the responsibility of the parents/carers to deliver the content of the RSE to their child as they see fit. Information and support materials.