Our Reading Leader is: Mrs Davies

Our Reading Intent 

At Towngate Primary Academy, reading is at the core of many curriculum areas within school. Throughout school children are presented with many opportunities throughout the school day to read. Reading is taught specifically through Read, Write, Inc across Early Years and Key Stage One and through daily guided reading teaching in Key Stage Two. Reading is a high priority in our book-led English curriculum, where teachers plan weekly comprehension lessons to match the reading domains for each year group. Through teachers choice of high quality texts, we intend to develop a love of reading and allow children to recognise the pleasure they can get from reading. With this we aim to provide children with the understanding that reading provides opportunities to discover new knowledge, revisit prior knowledge and understand more about what they learn.

Our Reading Implementation

At Towngate Primary Academy, we are following a clear, progressive scheme alongisde the National Curriculum. The teaching of reading is progressive throughout school and reading is at the core of our curriculum. Children are provided with a variety of ways to acquire knowledge to know more, remember more.

Early Reading

The systematic teaching of Phonics through Read, Write, Inc is a high priorty through Early Years and Key Stage One. Read, Write, Inc is taught daily to all Early Years, Year One and Year Two children who failed the Phonics Screening Test. Children are given reading books to match their phase of phoncs within the group. Interventions are planned for children not meeting expected standards.

Reading Schemes

At Towngate Primary Academy, we use a variety of schemes to provide a wide variety of texts and match children’s ability. All books are banded in order to ensure progression and challenge for all children.

Guided Reading

Guided Reading Sessions, which run daily, are planned by all teachers to teach a range of skills and techniques which enable children to comprehend the meaning of what they read and develop their understanding of the vocabulary used by authors.

Individual Reading

Early Years and Key Stage One staff listen to individual children read on a weekly basis where their home reading record is checked and staff ensure children are reading a correctly matched book to their ability. Children are encouraged to reread texts to develop both fluency and comprehension. In Key Stage Two, each class has a ‘Priorty Reader’ file where children are identified and are read with 1:1 frequently.

Book Share

In Early Years and Key Stage One we hold weekly book share sessions, where parents are invited to come into class and share a book with their child. Parents can also use this opportunity to discuss how to support reading at home with the class teacher.

Pleasure for Reading

Across school we hold a weekly ‘Pleasure for Reading’ session where children are able to read a book of their choice. Books are banded so children are able to read a book at their appropriate level or challenge themselves. Within this session staff will share a story with children to promote that love for reading.

Reading Areas

All classrooms have reading areas, with a range of texts available. The children can choose from subject-specific books and other age-appropriate reading for pleasure books. In each reading area, an Author of the Term is displayed. This is to expose children to a wide range of authors and different writing styles.

Our Reading Impact

We aim for children to have a love of Reading and make at least good progress in Reading from their last point of statutory assessment or from their starting point in Nursery. Children will use their Reading skills as a key tool in helping them to learn, and as a result, know more, remember more and understand more.