Towngate Promises

Our promise to you!

It is pivotal to all staff here at Towngate Primary Academy that our pupils are exposed to a range of diverse, engaging and inspiring opportunities during their time with us.

We feel as though experiences gained during time spent at primary school are fondly remembered and can often shape pupils into the young adults they grow to become. With this in mind, at Towngate we offer our ‘Curriculum Promises’ to each and every pupil who pass through our doors on their journey through education. Staff consider a range of different opportunities that can be provided beyond the curriculum that will transform from sheer experiences to the fondest of memories.

Take a look at some of our Curriculum Promises

We promise you will take part in a fashion show.     
 We promise you will raise money for a worthy cause.

We promise you will perform on a stage, infront of an audience. 

Taste foods you've never tasted before.  

We promise you will make your own food to taste.

We promise you will learn to take care of an animal.

We promise you will be transported back in time to a Victorian kitchen.