A warm welcome to Towngate Primary Academy.

Our Vision: Inspire self-belief, instil moral values and ignite a love for life-long learning.

Welcome to Towngate Primary Academy. Central to everything we do are our values, which we share with staff, children and the wider community. These are the founding principles that inform our curriculum.

We strive to treat each other with respect, show honesty, and express love for our friends, family and community.

Every day, we show our appreciation for the gifts we have been given, and for the world we live in.

We give our children opportunities to show responsibility, and they learn though work and play to co-operate. Together we thrive.

We expect everyone to show tolerance of difference, patience in adversity, and face challenge with courage and determination. We believe in equality.

We understand that one of the greatest gifts we can share is friendship. With optimism, hope and humility, our children can achieve anything they set their hearts on. Through trust, understanding and thoughtfulness, we can build a community of unity and peace. Every moment is an opportunity to do our best, to achieve quality in all our outcomes.

Every day, in every way, we seek to live by these values, and to help others to do so too.

I look forward to meeting you.

Mrs Annabel Berry


At Towngate Primary Academy our Safeguarding Officers are Mrs Berry, Miss Eke, Miss Lockett, Miss Atkinson and Mrs Johnson.

Our School Rule: Be ready. Be respectful. Be safe.