Curriculum Information

We are immensely proud of our curriculum offer here at Towngate Primary.

Our curriculum is the path in which our children take to gain the key components to receive a well-rounded and holistic understanding of the wider world. The knowledge-rich approach taken to curriculum development aims to enrich pupils’ opportunities and life chances through a carefully crafted curriculum which in turn, we hope will not only serve themselves well in the future, but also the communities around them. It enables children to access and enhance their understanding of their home, their town and the wider community, in turn developing their cultural capital and inspiring them to take this knowledge beyond their school career.

The design of the curriculum is underpinned by five key drivers which will help children become successful members of modern British society.

  • Knowledge Acquisition
  • Raising Aspirations
  • Local and Wider World
  • Diversity and Difference
  • Life Skills

These drivers work together, developing our children as resilient individuals, equipped for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in later life.

Our curriculum is sequentially planned across each year group, phase and whole school journey; we have embedded a progressive model in which pupils gain a deep and rich understanding of key concepts during their time at primary school, revisiting these wider concepts in a variety of forms to allow pupils to make secure links between knowledge across a range of subject matters. We see our curriculum as an ongoing narrative: paying careful consideration to ‘end goals’ which will support our children to make strong gains in their learning in preparation for the next stage in their school careers.

Teachers will be confident that their subject knowledge is of a high standard in order to deliver a sequence of learning across all subjects which allows pupils to recall and remember learning over the long-term. Our approach to curriculum delivery ensures that teachers reactivate pupils prior learning through regular retrieval practice to ensure that learning sticks.  The consistency in subject delivery across all lessons in all subjects in all classes ensure pupils are supported to focus on their knowledge acquisition.

Our curriculum is further enhanced through our centralised focus on reading, our ‘Towngate Promises’, Life Skills  programme and through our focus on community involvement to enable children to understand where they come from and the limitless opportunities that lay ahead.