Pupil Responsibility

Here at Towngate Primary Academy, we strive to ensure that pupils have the opportunity to undertake positions of trust and responsibility, as we believe that children understand values by seeing them in action from others. It is our firm belief that all pupils have the potential to become young leaders and we work hard to foster that potential through exposing pupils to these roles throughout their time at primary school.

Head Boy and Head Girl

Emilio and Frankie

Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl 

PJ and Abigail

Academy Prefects

Year 6 – Skyla, Aila, Ethan, Ellis, Freya, Poppy

Year 5 – Ava, Harry, Laney, Ethan

Our academy prefects have been busy this term collecting pupil voice and developing our lunch time provision. They play a pivotal role in organising events within school and meet with visitors to represent our academy.

Academy Council

Our council have held the important role of celebrating key events this year such as the Harvest Festival and Remembrance Day. The council meet weekly to discuss how they will move the academy forward and fundraise for local initiatives and equipment for school.

Academy Council

Academy Leadership Team: 

At Towngate, we work hard to develop pupils in our academy to become future leaders. We understand the importance in believing in individuals who can help to shape our school for the better. Each year, we recruit a team of Academy Councillors; a Head Boy and Girl; Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl; Prefects and Academy Buddies. The roles of these children are to work with our staff and pupils to make our school the best it can be!

Our class School Councillor representatives for 2021-2022 are:

Year 6 – Lois and Amy

Year 5/6 – Aila and Louie

Year 5 – Jack and Matthew

Year 4b – Eva and Krystal

Year 4a  – Niamh and Ava

Year 3 – Seth and Isabelle

Year 2 – Lexie and Ruby

As school councillors, our overall aim is to make a positive impact within our school and for all the children at Towngate Primary Academy. We work closely with Mrs Schofield, Mrs Drury and Mrs Johnson and attend regular council meetings and discuss our aims for the upcoming year, our fundraising and charity goals and share the views and suggestions of the pupils in our school.

Our Aims

  • To continue holding monthly council surgeries, listening to our peers and taking their ideas, thoughts and concerns about the school to the school leadership team.
  • To finish the ‘buddy bench’ for the KS1 and 2 playground.
  • To create and lead the whole school Easter and Harvest Service Assembly.
  • To audit the playground equipment purchased by last year’s School Council.
  • To continue collecting dry foods for the local food bank.

Our impact last academic year: 

  • Lead the whole school Harvest Festival and Easter Assembly
  • Supported in leading the Anti-Bullying Week within the Academy.
  • Held our first ‘Race for Life’ event in which we raised over £4000! 

We want to make our school the best place it can possibly be, so please support the school council by checking for updates on our School Council display and offering any suggestions to your class representatives.

Pupils' views on our Academy Leaders:

The Year 6 roles and responsibilities make the school feel friendly – they try to help me at playtime and at lunch.

Year 3 Pupil

At playtime I play with skipping ropes and play hop scotch. I like to play make believe games and sometimes the buddies and teachers help.

Year 1 Pupil

I like our school – it’s really good and is very safe. Buddies are a really good idea and there are lots of caring teachers in our school. The behaviour in our school is getting better and better!

Year 6 Pupil