At Towngate, we have benefited from a heavy investment of approximately £10,000 from our Trust to further develop reading provision within the academy. Our focus has been to ensure all pupils have access to high quality texts and now, all children  have access to their own whole class reading books, top 10 recommended reads per class and we ensure we have a daily story time in every year group to support the development of a love of reading. 

Every one of our schools celebrates and promotes a love of reading through their environments and we are proud of the impact this has on our children. 

We have worked hard to ensure that our books are ‘windows and mirrors’ for our children, ensuring that difference is celebrated and our children are represented through our environment and through our carefully curated reading spines.   

We know that it is vital that children learn to read as soon as possible to enable them to access the curriculum and to increase their life chances.

We use the Read Write Inc program for phonics and this has improved our phonics results year on year. Our commitment to early reading is clear- we have a Phonics consultant who works across all our schools coaching and supporting our staff to deliver high quality teaching of phonics.