Our Mathematics coordinator is Miss A Atkinson.

Mathematics Curriculum Intentions

At Towngate Primary Academy, the intent of our mathematics curriculum is to design a curriculum, which is accessible to all through planning a progressing scheme that will support and build on previously acquired knowledge and skills. Our curriculum will maximise the development of every child’s ability and academic achievement by delivering daily lessons that are creative and engaging to build on children’s knowledge and skills – allowing them to know more and remember more.

In Key Stages One and Two, teachers cover objectives set out in the Programmes of Study from the National Curriculum and follow the ‘Maths Hub’ schemes to ensure a consistent approach across the academy and to support subject knowledge. Within the Maths Hub schemes of learning, each National Curriculum objective is broken down into fluency, reasoning and problem solving; our teachers use the learning challenges to teach for mastery – an approach used to secure basic skills and to extend and deepen the understanding of pupils within each year group. Our teaching staff use this document in conjunction with a range of high quality resources such as NRich and NCETM to support, stretch and challenge all learners within the classroom.

Maths is a subject specific lesson, which builds upon previously taught knowledge, skills and vocabulary covered in our progression grids. We aim to develop children’s enjoyment of maths and provide opportunities for children to build a conceptual understanding of maths before applying their knowledge to everyday problems and challenges. Lessons include times table practice, daily reviews of previously taught skills, knowledge and vocabulary acquisition through guided and independent practice and opportunities to reason and problem solve in a secure learning environment. 

Mathematics Curriculum Implementation

At Towngate Primary Academy, our approach to the teaching of mathematics develops children’s ability to work both independently and collaboratively. At Towngate, we recognise that in order for pupils to progress to deeper and more complex problems, children need to be confident and fluent across each yearly objective. To ensure children know more and remember more, all maths lessons begin with a brief, daily review of prior knowledge and offer the time to introduce new subject specific vocabulary.

Through each maths lesson, new content is taught through small steps to support children in their learning journey. This progresses into supported and independent practice for children to secure their new skills. Through mathematical talk, children develop the ability to articulate and discuss their thinking. We strive to ensure that children are taught to become competent mathematicians by embedding the skills and processes necessary to enable children to use and apply their Maths learning efficiently and in a variety of contexts.

Teachers use questioning to elicit feedback from all students to expose and address any misconceptions in learning. Where these misconceptions are seen, they are readdressed through supported practice to enable all children to succeed.

Teachers use a range of tools to support children in knowing more and remembering more in maths. These include working walls, knowledge organisers as prompts on tables, vocabulary displays and steps to success. Over the course of the term, children will revisit and recall previous learning  to identify gaps in learning which must be planned for.


Teaching and Learning sequence

We underpin all of our learning with Rosenshine’s Principles – 17 Principles of Effective Instruction in order to develop a consistent approach to teaching and learning. These are:

‘I love learning different methods and choosing one which suits me’

Mathematics Curriculum Impact

Children at Towngate Primary Academy understand and value the importance of Mathematics, this is evident through pupil voice and monitoring which takes place every half term by the curriculum leader.

We strive to equip our children with the skills to confidently make rich connections across mathematical ideas as a result of developing fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated, contextual problems during their time at Towngate Primary Academy. Our pupils will be able to apply their mathematical knowledge across the curriculum and to realise that mathematics has been developed over centuries, providing the solution to some of history’s most intriguing problems. As our pupils progress further in their education, we intend for them to be able to understand the world, have the ability to reason mathematically, have an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.

Through high quality first wave teaching, guidance and effective feedback, children will achieve age-related expectations by the end of each year groupBy the end of Key Stage Two, children will leave our academy prepared for the next step in their mathematical education.

Summative assessment takes place at the end of each term and children’s progress and attainment is discussed with senior leaders in pupil progress meetings. Formative assessment takes place on a daily basis and teachers adjust planning accordingly to meet the needs of their class.  Attainment and outcomes in mathematics have a prominent focus throughout our academy.

‘The drop in morning was a lovely opportunity for the children to show their methods, we really enjoyed it!’

Year 6 Mathematics

In preparation for our end of key stage 2 assessments, pupils can access the SATS organiser: this is full of a range of SATs questions for each area of the curriculum, along with video tutorials for how to answer each of these questions! Please see Miss Eke/Miss Atkinson for more information and click the link below.

Pupil Voice

‘I love learning different methods and choosing one which suits me’  – Year 6 pupil

‘If I am struggling there is always a friend or an adult to help me and I’ll remember it for next time’ – Year 5 pupil

‘I love to challenge myself and see when I have improved’ – Year 4 pupil

‘I love doing Timestable Rockstars at home and in school’ – Year 3 pupil

‘ I love it when teachers teach us songs to help remember our times tables’ – Year 2 pupil

‘When I get older I will always know how much money I have and work out how much things cost’ – Year 1 pupil


Parent Voice

‘The drop in morning was a lovely opportunity for the children to show their methods, we really enjoyed it!’

‘It was lovely to see the children working through problems and having the chance to work as a team.’

‘Thank you for the chance to see the children hard at work!’

‘I really enjoyed seeing how well my child is progressing.’

‘Thank you for the information booklet, it is helpful to see what we can practice at home.’

‘Times table club is a great idea for extra support and I will be encouraging my child to attend!’